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Co-coordination for implantation of Pontos de Cultura - Digital Culture Literacy program in the Ministry of Culture of Brazil, from 2004 to 2006.

“Amongst the emergent forms of collaborative use of digital technologies, it is possible to identify an innovative practice and experimentation. Pontos de Cultura, a priority action within the Programme Cultura Viva of the Ministry of Culture of Brazil, contributed to the creation of a grassroots digital ecosystem promoting Culture, Education and Citizenship.” - Ferraro, Bria & Persico.

The Pontos da Cultura are places where people can meet, have free access to computers and the Internet, learn and create knowledge. Although there is no unique model for the Pontos, all of them use open-source software. In particular, the choice of technological tools based on free software and the collaborative and cooperative approach to digital culture has contributed to the success of this policy. Through the creations of teams composed of young researchers and free software developers, they also developed the methodology to share the knowledge and disseminate the technological competences to the highest possible number of people.

Today there are up to 9000 Pontos de Cultura in Brazil.

This cultural project aimed to make apparent to society the already existing underground and traditional artistic productions throughout the country, including music, theatre, dance and anything worth enhancing and fostering.