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Mozilla Opens Source Support Award Porgram
May 2020 - Mozilla Foundation
The Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) awards program, created in 2015, broadens access, increases security, and empowers users by providing catalytic funding to open source technologists. Awarded for Careables Olinda project.

Honourable Mention Best Master’s Thesis FCAP / UPE 2019
Dec 2019 - University of Pernambuco
Honourable Mention for Best Thesis 2019 - Course on Sustainable Local Development Management - Title: Degree of Innovation of Community Cultural Centers in the State of Pernambuco

Tuxaua Cultura Viva Award 2009
Apr 2009 - Ministry of Culture of Brazil
Award for the activities as a digital literacy activist on Free Software and Community Communication through Information Technologies. Award
Aug 2005 New - Radio and Performing Arts, Inc./ Andy Warhol Foundation
Award for the Creative Commons art project to build mobile media artefacts known as mimoSa.