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Mozilla Festival 2021


Open Source & the Pandemic: A Dialogues & Debates panel

2021-03-18, 17:15–18:15, Broadcast Talks

Open-source technology and principles have been a potent force in slowing the spread of a deadly virus.



November 2020

Academic Fórum of Ludic Studies - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

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CADUS Debate! Making in Times of COVID

Debate visits Brazil! The makerspace Casa Criatura in Olinda produced thousands of pieces of PPE (personal protective equipment) by mixing open, globally designed products with local practices, and donating it to local indigenous health authorities, Afro-Brazilian traditional communities and public hospitals. The makerspace also developed an open-source aerosol box with physicists and teachers from reference hospitals in the region, igniting a community of makers and healthcare professionals around it. And most importantly, the demunis, the ordinary citizens with community obligations, received support, too—the overarching question accompanying all these activities is how communities can better care for themselves during pandemics.

Available online:

Health, care and technology: a timeless relationship.


Co-organisation and co-moderation of a series of remote meetings regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic and beyond.

As part of Careables project, “We want to learn and further develop from the experience of responding to the pandemic that connected agents from the public, private sectors and civil society. We want to explore the times and their related actions and combine the past, the present and the future in a digitalised living space.”

Visit the project’s webpage.

DOTS - The Impact Summit

Debate on the topic of Sustainable making in the city of Nakuru, Kenia.

DOTS December 2019

DOTS brings together a broad range of knowledge-sharing, entrepreneurial and open-innovation activists from across East Africa and beyond to cross-mentor and explore new modus operandi across

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Moderator on the panel Youth skills for the future of work(less) on the global south, Berlin, 2018.

Programming is the new literacy. Learning how to code is now an integral part of most schools’ curriculum. In the global south, different models are being used to improve youth skills for the future of work and the work-less ages to come. What are the different perspectives from Latin America, Philipines and Ghana?

Amazônia Interconectada

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Presentation during the Innovation and Traditional Cultures opening panel.

The International Conference promoted by the Federal University of Pará foments discussions about the possibilities of Amazon regional development from a technological perspective but focusing on preserving nature and local cultures.

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Debate on the panel Creating organizations of/for the commons, Berlin, 2017.

New challenges demand new institutions and forms of organisation. How is civil society rethinking its forms of representation and organisation? What new models are emerging? In this session, we want to discuss the urgency of reinventing the institutions from a civil society perspective and bring experiments that point out different paths.


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Different panels presentation at Salento, Colômbia, 2016

Peace Hack Camps are intensive media literacy and inter-communal peace-building workshops lasting several days. They tap into open source tools and media for their ability to promote collaborative enterprise in learning and innovation, foster mutually beneficial interaction among communities, enable shared ownership and effectively distribute gained knowledge between members of formerly hostile groups.

Resilient Cities, Smart Citizens

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Debate “Fostering Communities to tackle innovation”, Rio de Janeiro, 2016.

Resilient Cities, Smart Citizen was a five-day workshop followed by a one-day seminar about enabling citizens to make their cities more resilient to the physical, social, and economic challenges of the 21st century.

The event was produced by the Dutch Consulate of Rio de Janeiro, which currently chairs the European Union, in partnership with IED Rio, Waag Society, Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro, Swissnex Brazil and Olabi to gather designers, decision-makers and entrepreneurs for a week of creativity, design, innovation and technology.

Critical Dialogue Series

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Different URBANISATIONS, Berlin, 2015.

This dialogue focuses on the role and limits of import/export of knowledge, technology and urbanisation patterns between different regions of the world, and questions how ‘culturally different’ the processes of urbanisation are/should be.

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RedBull Basement Festival

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Panel presentation on Open Cities, São Paulo, 2016


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Lecture and workshop on Free Radio and Arts, Croatia, 2006

MMKamp is an international “artist residency” project based on collaboration between non-profit organizations, artists, tactical media activists and ones who don’t know yet what they are and don’t care much. MMKamp concept is an art and new media laboratory, platform for researching, new media experimenting and developing new artistic and communication forms, through self-initiated collaboration among international artists and new media workers.

Visit project’s archive and web page

Wizards of OS

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mimoSa - Urban Intervention and Information Correction Machine. Panel presenting a residency at Tesla. Berlin, 2006

Conclusion of a residency at Tesla by presenting a mapping of Brazilian new media groups, festivals, arts and activism, connecting independent, governmental, community and private initiatives.

Visit Wizards of OS website


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Panel Presentation about Brazilian Open Source Software & Copyleft
London, 2005

This Cybersalon discussed the Brazilian government’s open source software project and its support for copyleft at the forthcoming WSIS conference on 18-19th November in Tunis, Tunisia. WSIS is the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society

Alt Law Forum

Participant to present Midia Tatica Brasil in Bangalore, India, 2004, a partnership between Sarai (India) and Waag Society (Netherlands)

Itaú Cultural”

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itaú cultural Panel about Free and Tactical Media.
Onda Cidadã Festival, São Paulo, 2012